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  • Comprehensive Veterinary Dermatology in Orange Park
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Our Core Veterinary Services

From skin, coat, ear and nail care to immunotherapy, our pet dermatologist at Animal Friends Dermatology in Orange Park offers all the services you need to treat your dog or cat's uncomfortable dermatological conditions.

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Preliminary Exams

An overall examination by our cat and dog dermatologist to determine your pet's general state of health.

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Skin, Coat & Nail Care

Advanced diagnostics and treatments for the dermatological conditions affecting your pet's nails, coat, or skin.

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Ear Care

Diagnosis and treatment for cats and dogs experiencing painful and chronic ear conditions.

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Effective treatments from our feline and canine dermatologist for pets with allergies. 

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  • Pet Ear Care in Orange Park

    Our Orange Park veterinary dermatologist provides advanced diagnostics and treatment for a range of challenging ear conditions in dogs and cats. Request Appointment  Diagnosing Ear Conditions in Pets at Animal Friends Dermatology Disorders of the ear are common in both dogs and cats. Diagnostic otoscopy is one of the most impo...
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  • Pet Immunotherapy in Orange Park

    At our Orange Park pet dermatology clinic, we offer vet immunotherapy testing and treatment to help cats and dogs that suffer from skin conditions caused by allergies. Request Appointment  Cat & Dog Immunotherapy for Allergies at Animal Friends Dermatology Allergy Specific Immunotherapy (ASIT) is known to be the most effec...
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  • Skin, Coat & Nails

    At Animal Friends Dermatology in Orange Park, our board-certified veterinary dermatologist provides diagnosis and treatment for cats and dogs who are experiencing problems with their skin, coat, or nails. Please Note: A referral from your primary care veterinarian might be needed to make a dermatology appointment. Request Appointment ...
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  • Pet Dermatology Exams

    When you bring your cat or dog to our Orange Park veterinary dermatology clinic for their first visit, our specialist vet will conduct a preliminary exam to get a complete picture of your pet's overall health. Request Appointment  Your Pet's Overall Health Dermatological conditions in pets can be the result of a number of di...
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