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  • Comprehensive Veterinary Dermatology in Orange Park
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Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory in Orange Park

Our pet dermatologist and veterinary staff at our Orange Park veterinary clinic use diagnostic tests and tools at our in-house vet lab to diagnose your pet's medical conditions accurately and develop customized treatment plans to meet your pet's dermatology needs.

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In-House Dermatological Testing & Pharmacy in Orange Park

At our pet dermatology clinic we have our own in-house vet lab to test, diagnose and treat your cat and dog's skin care issues and conditions.

The vet lab comes equipped with everything we need to perform services such as allergy testing, skin scraping, fungal and bacterial cultures, video otoscopes, as well as skin and otic cytology.

We also have an onsite pet pharmacy at our Orange Park veterinary clinic so you can conveniently pick up and refill your prescriptions following your regular veterinary appointments.

Vet Lab Technology, Orange Park Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

In-House Vet Lab & Veterinary Pharmacy

Our in-house vet lab and pet pharmacy allows us to get quick results from the tests we perform in order to diagnose and treat your pet's condition as soon as possible. 

Our veterinary pharmacy in Orange Park is stocked with a vast range of prescription medications, giving us quick access to the medications your pet may require.

Diagnostic & Lab Technology, Orange Park Vet

Our Diagnostic Services 

We are pleased to announce that our in-house veterinary diagnostics lab offers advanced diagnostic testing, allowing our pet dermatologist and veterinary staff to provide you with an accurate diagnosis of your pet's dermatological conditions.

  • Intradermal Allergy Testing

    This testing is done by injecting the allergens most often found in the local area into your cat or dog's skin to see if they develop a reaction. Our vets first sedate your pet to make sure they are comfortable, and then shave an area on their side to make the injections. After exposing your companion to the allergen they are monitored at 20 minutes and then again after 2 hours to see if they develop a reaction.

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  • Video Otoscope

    A video otoscope is a hand-held instrument that uses fiber-optics to transmit a very bright light illuminating the ear canal giving your vet a better visualization of the ear canal and the tympanic membrane (eardrum).

    Instruments can be passed through this scope to facilitate cleaning, perform a myringotomy (an incision into the eardrum) in order to access the middle ear, and do biopsies and mass removals.

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  • Serum Allergy Testing

    Serum allergy testing is performed by taking a small sample of your pet's blood which is sent to a lab for examination. This test looks for allergen-specific antibodies (IgE) related to a number of common allergens that can contribute to skin problems in pets.

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  • Skin Cytology

    Skin Cytology is a very high-yield and inexpensive procedure all animal patients suffering from skin disease should have performed. It gives your vet more detailed information about what is happening with the skin in a faster time frame than many other diagnostic tests.

  • Otic Cytology

    This is a routine procedure that is fast and simple. It looks for and rules out any microbial otic infections in animals.

  • Skin Scrape

    Skin scrapes are common tests that are performed to identify any external parasites on your pet's skin such as lice and mites. The hairs, debris and cells that are collected are placed on a slide containing mineral oil to be examined under a microscope.

  • Bacterial and Fungal Cultures

    To perform a bacterial or fungal culture test, the dermatologist takes a sterile swab of your pet’s skin lesion, or plucks several hairs, and submits them to a microbiology lab to assess what infection may be causing your pet’s skin problem. Occasionally, for deeper infections, a tissue sample with a biopsy punch instrument may be necessary.

    Performing a bacterial or fungal culture test poses no risk to your pet, and the information your dermatologist gains is extremely valuable. These tests can help us pinpoint which antibiotics or antifungals to use in treating your pet’s infections. This has become more important as we are seeing resistant bacterial infections more commonly, with resistance often seen to many of the traditional antibiotics. 

  • Allergy Testing For Pets in Orange Park

    At Animal Friends Dermatology our pet dermatology specialist offers Intradermal Allergy Testing For Pets to diagnose skin conditions in cats and dogs from Orange Park and beyond. Request Appointment  Allergy Testing for Cats & Dogs at Animal Friends Dermatology In order to provide your pet with the best possible treatment fo...
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  • Pet Otoscope

    At Animal Friends Dermatology our cat and dog dermatologist uses a handheld video pet otoscope to help get a clear view of deep within your pet's ear. This technology also helps our vet to perform deep ear cleaning and biopsies on pets with chronic and painful ear conditions. Request Appointment  What is a Video Pet Otoscope? A video o...
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